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Learning to be open with others

Do we not all feel spontaneous generosity, sometimes? And when we get that feeling, how many of us say to ourselves, why not? I hope most of us ask ourselves why not. But then, we hesitate, we are not sure; or perhaps we get selfish, or think we are too busy, or are worried about being taken advantage of. In short, we doubt, we are pulled in many directions by our own fears and problems. And some of us finally, in fear or doubt, we turn away and go take a nap in front of the TV.

Or perhaps not: if the TV is broken, if the Internet is not interesting, and you are not inspired to blog. In short, if you are restless and don't know why, perhaps you should act spontaneously! How long has it been since you just forgot your fears and doubts, and went forth into the world? A week? A month? Longer? It would be better for you to cast aside your doubts and any fears you have, and go out and have do something new!

If you truly have fears and doubts about trying new things, then call a trusted friend, and go out together to experience something new.

I have found great wisdom in this idea of being spontaneous. When I have overcome my doubts and fears and just done what needed to be done, especially when freely and anonymously given, I usually received a reward. The reward is nothing of value to anyone else, it is something just for me. This reward is always unexpected, and of great value, at least to me. But, I do need to be open to see it. More often than not, it just makes me feel really good, and puts a smile on my face.

What a wonderful world it would be, if we could all learn to freely give when needed, and freely accept when in need!

Trying to plan everything is stupid. Sometimes you just need to take a chance, let your spontaneity guide you - be free and let the chances of life just happen! Freely give and freely receive, to randomly create "small happiness" at least a few times. You do not need to do anything extraordinary, very simple things will do: throw away garbage from the street, give a postage stamp to one in need, volunteer time to a worthy cause, give a gift for no reason. What matters is that whatever you do is guided by the true pleasure of giving. Many times, it is better to give anonymously and with a free spirit.

The best reason to practice this spontaneousness and generosity is that it brings to us a great personal satisfaction; it produces in us positive feelings, and makes us think about what really counts: the gift, the kindness, the opening of ourselves to others.

We will be adding articles to this website about openness and personal growth as time goes on. We hope to be able to tell you about different things you can do, and programs you can participate in, to help you to create openness and spontaneity in your life. This is a great way for you to feel fulfilled and find yourself great joy. 0

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