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How to be open and giving with others. Please visit our sponsors

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This site is owned and operated by Spectra Software, Inc., a business technology company. This site has been specifically designed to provide people with with information about how to be open and giving to others. Our goal is to provide the best inter-personal relations information available on the Internet.

How do we make money? We generate revenues through a variety of sources, including technical services, "niche market websites" (websites that promote trusted third party products and/or services), "cost per click" programs and affiliate marketing. Some of our sites also include sponsored ads (such as Google Adsense ads). We only recommend products or services that we believe meet the highest quality standards from a trusted supplier. We try out the product and services ourselves before making any recommendation(s), whenever possible..

How long have we been in business? Spectra Software, Inc. incorporated in July 1997, and has been a trusted partner of many businesses over the years. We have recently started to use our technical knowledge to advance Internet marketing programs, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Niche Marketing.

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We hope you will find our Ouvrons-Nous.com website useful, informative, and provide you with the resources to help yourself or another become more open and giving.

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